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An unsecured personal loan that provides financing up to 7 years with competitive interest rates lets you to fulfill your desire to pursue an ideal lifestyle.

Interest Rates

How much the bank charges you based on your loan amount & loan period
RM2,000 - RM10,000 12 to 60 months min. RM24,000 13.45% p.a.
RM11,000 - RM15,000 12 to 84 months min. RM24,000 13.45% p.a.
RM16,000 - RM50,000 12 to 84 months min. RM24,000 11.66% p.a.
RM51,000 - RM99,000 12 to 84 months min. RM24,000 9.91% p.a.
RM100,000 - RM150,000 12 to 84 months min. RM24,000 8.18% p.a.

Fees & Charges

Interest Rate / APR
As low as 8.18% p.a., depending on loan amount and period
Processing Fee
Stamp Duty
 0.5%  of the whole amount
Early Termination Fee
RM100 or 1%  of remaining amount, whichever is higher
Late Penalty Fee
 1%  from current outstanding amount


Minimum Annual Income
Minimum Age
  • 21 to 60 years old
Who Can Apply
  • Malaysians

More Information

Why should I apply for RHB Personal Financing?

If you are among those borrowers who are looking for a personal loan with higher financing limits, longer repayment terms and lower monthly installment payment, don't look no further as RHB Personal Financing lets you pursue your ideal lifestyle from as low as RM57.54 per month!

How much money can I borrow?

RHB Personal Financing offers financing amounts starting from RM2,000 to a maximum of RM150,000 for a borrowing period between 1 and 7 years. What's more, RHB does not charge processing and disbursement fees for this personal loan. The only charges that you will need to pay is the statutory Stamp Duty of 0.5% on the total amount you have borrowed.

How fast can I get my money?

You can apply RHB Personal Financing here at RinggitPlus by dropping your name and contact number. RHB takes 3 business days to turn around your application, provided you have met the requirements. Once approved, you can submit the loan application form together with relevant supporting documents to the nearest RHB branches. The approved funds will be disbursed to the bank account of your choice.

What is my monthly installment payment?

Your monthly repayment table will be detailed in your application approval document. In most cases, payment begins the month following the date you have received your money and continues at monthly intervals until the personal financing is fully repaid. Please note that this is a ‘reducing balance’ loan. This means that your initial monthly payments are higher than normal loans. Your installment payments against the money you borrowed (the principal) are fixed each month but the amount of interest you pay gets lesser and lesser in the subsequent months.

Can I settle my RHB Personal Financing early?

You can settle your personal loan whenever you want. If you’d like to repay in full before the full personal loan term is up, you will need to pay an early termination fee of RM100 or 1% of the total amount borrowed, whichever is higher.

What documents are required for RHB Personal Financing application?

There is no requirement for collateral or guarantor when you apply for this RHB personal loan. You will need to provide some personal and income documents with your application form: Salaried Employee
  • Copy of MyKad (front and back).
  • Last one month’s payment slip, bank statements or six month's EPF statement.
  • Copy of MyKad (front and back).
  • Business Registration Certificate (company must be at least two years old).
  • Last six month’s bank statements.
  • Most recent Form B from the Inland Revenue Board.
Further documents may be required if your salary includes variable income, such as commissions or overtime.

Am I qualified to apply for RHB personal loan if I'm blacklisted?

Depending on your credit history with other financial institutions because all these information (outstanding credit card, personal loan, home loan or car loan debts) will be captured in CCRIS / CTOS (a system that collect credit information on borrowers, not blacklisting them). Assuming you have poor credit standing due to irregular payments, the best course of action would be to break the habit and start making your payments on time to avoid future hurdles. RHB is more likely to approve your personal loan application if you can show that you are managing your personal finances, rather than accumulating more debt.

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Profit rate is: 8.18% p.a

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